Writing For Money – Generate Cash With Niche Blogs

Want to generate real cash with your writing? Perhaps you’ve already discovered the lucrative field of creating niche blogs. As you may know, in niche blogging, choosing a great niche leads to success or failure.

So how do you choose a great niche?

1. Is the Niche Popular — Are People Spending Money in It?

Firstly let’s look at what a niche is.

“Niches” are topics. Almost anything can be a niche, but in the way we’re using the term a “niche” is a topic for which there are online advertisers.

There are niches and sub-niches. For example, dog training is a niche. A sub-niche of dog training would be dog training classes. Other sub-niches include: dog training equipment, dog training collars, and dog training online.

Although niche research can tell you a great deal, your own experience,  intuition and knowledge of a particular topic will tell you a great deal more. Therefore, when researching niches, try not to become too dependent on online search tools, remember that they’re all historical, and can only tell you what people searched for in the past, not what they will search for in the future.

You’ll know when you find a great niche: it has hundreds of thousands of searches, and people are spending money on the niche.

2. Do You Care About the Niche? (Boredom Sets in Quickly if You Don’t)

There are some niches online which are hugely popular. People spend a great deal of money on them. You’d think that these niches would make a great topic for a blog.

But don’t forget that your interest counts for a great deal. As you blog, you’ll spend a lot of time thinking about this particular topic and writing about it. If you hate the topic, you’ll procrastinate, and your niche blog will go nowhere.

3. How Much Do You Know About the Niche? (Research It First)

In addition to being interested in the niche, ask itself how much you know about this particular niche. For example dog training might be a good niche for you because you’ve owned a dog, and love dogs. If you’ve never owned a dog and you hate dogs it’s unlikely that you’d know enough about the niche to be able to write about it with any kind of enthusiasm and authority.

4. Is the Niche Likely to Stay Popular?

Fads come and go. Today’s hot topic may not be hot tomorrow. Once you get into the swing of creating niche blogs, you can certainly capitalize on current hot trends and fads. If you suspect that something is going to be hot for at least a month or two, throw up a quick blog and get the keyword traffic while you can.

However if you’re new at creating niche blogs, don’t try this. You need experience in blogging, and in getting traffic to your site. You’ll tend to be attached to your first blog, so choosing a niche which will fade quickly is a big mistake. For one thing, you can’t sell the niche blog once the topic is no longer fashionable.

You can generate a great deal of cash with niche blogs, if you enjoy writing. So get started niche blogging — it may grow into an entire career.