Why is Niche Blogging Such a Popular Way of Earning Money Online?

Niche Blogging is a great way to earn money on line for a number of reasons:

* You can write about topics that you already know about

* You can blog anytime – day or night

* Writing a post takes just a few minutes

* Once your blog is up, it requires very little maintenance

* Niche Blogs earn Passive Income

Don’t get me wrong, now. Niche Blogging takes a lot of work. You have to be committed and it takes awhile to see results. But once you DO start seeing those results, it has a snowball effect.

A lot of people start out in Niche Blogging thinking they’re going to do it faster and better than anyone else and they’re going to get rich RIGHT NOW! If that’s what you’re thinking, then I wish you well.

Amy Bass, creator of The Niche Blogger Membership Site, worked on her Niche Blogs for a year, steadily growing her content and her traffic. She’s a stay at home mom with 4 kids, so you know she had to work on her blogs while juggling housework, laundry, cooking, and play dates. She spent a lot of nights at the computer while everyone else slept. She did a lot of her blogging with a baby on her lap. In fact, in her instructional videos for The Niche Blogger Program, you can hear her children in the background!

But she had a goal – she wanted her family to be debt free within 2 years. She was committed to her plan and she was driven to succeed. And you have to be, too.

At the end of her first year of blogging, Amy was making $5,000.00 a month!

Darren Rowse, author of “ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income, started on his path to successful niche blogging in November of 2002. While working at 3 other jobs!

Again, Darren had a goal – he wanted to be a full-time blogger. And he was also driven to succeed. Who wouldn’t rather work their own schedule, from home, than go out and set up circuses! (He hasn’t explained that one yet!)

At the end of 3 1/2 years of blogging through the night, blogging on his days off, and probably blogging in his sleep!, Darren was able to quit all of his other jobs and become a Full-Time Blogger because he was making over $100,000.00 a year from it! His highly successful AND educational blog about blogging can be found at ProBlogger.net.

My point is, if you are committed to your goal of earning money on line, and if you are driven to succeed, Niche Blogging is the best way to go.

You can set up a blog with 50 or 60 posts, put some ads on it, then just leave it alone and let it work for you. Niche blogs are like little 24/7 salesman, they’re always out there working, even when you’re NOT. Sure, you go check up on them occasionally, add a few posts here and there, but you don’t have to be there 8 or 9 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week. Once your blog is up, it stays up and continues to earn you passive income whether you’re there or not.

Amy and Darren, and most other successful bloggers, have more than one blog running. Sometimes twenty, or fifty or more. And yes, the more blogs you have up, the more time you’re going to spend at it. But there are still only 24 hours a day, and you’ll still only be working a percentage of those hours.

But YOU determine how many hours a day you work and what days you work. If you want to take a month off, do it! Your little blog is still out there working away, earning you passive income. If you want to use your time to create another blog, do it! That other blog is still out there earning you money!

Writing For Money – Generate Cash With Niche Blogs

Want to generate real cash with your writing? Perhaps you’ve already discovered the lucrative field of creating niche blogs. As you may know, in niche blogging, choosing a great niche leads to success or failure.

So how do you choose a great niche?

1. Is the Niche Popular — Are People Spending Money in It?

Firstly let’s look at what a niche is.

“Niches” are topics. Almost anything can be a niche, but in the way we’re using the term a “niche” is a topic for which there are online advertisers.

There are niches and sub-niches. For example, dog training is a niche. A sub-niche of dog training would be dog training classes. Other sub-niches include: dog training equipment, dog training collars, and dog training online.

Although niche research can tell you a great deal, your own experience,  intuition and knowledge of a particular topic will tell you a great deal more. Therefore, when researching niches, try not to become too dependent on online search tools, remember that they’re all historical, and can only tell you what people searched for in the past, not what they will search for in the future.

You’ll know when you find a great niche: it has hundreds of thousands of searches, and people are spending money on the niche.

2. Do You Care About the Niche? (Boredom Sets in Quickly if You Don’t)

There are some niches online which are hugely popular. People spend a great deal of money on them. You’d think that these niches would make a great topic for a blog.

But don’t forget that your interest counts for a great deal. As you blog, you’ll spend a lot of time thinking about this particular topic and writing about it. If you hate the topic, you’ll procrastinate, and your niche blog will go nowhere.

3. How Much Do You Know About the Niche? (Research It First)

In addition to being interested in the niche, ask itself how much you know about this particular niche. For example dog training might be a good niche for you because you’ve owned a dog, and love dogs. If you’ve never owned a dog and you hate dogs it’s unlikely that you’d know enough about the niche to be able to write about it with any kind of enthusiasm and authority.

4. Is the Niche Likely to Stay Popular?

Fads come and go. Today’s hot topic may not be hot tomorrow. Once you get into the swing of creating niche blogs, you can certainly capitalize on current hot trends and fads. If you suspect that something is going to be hot for at least a month or two, throw up a quick blog and get the keyword traffic while you can.

However if you’re new at creating niche blogs, don’t try this. You need experience in blogging, and in getting traffic to your site. You’ll tend to be attached to your first blog, so choosing a niche which will fade quickly is a big mistake. For one thing, you can’t sell the niche blog once the topic is no longer fashionable.

You can generate a great deal of cash with niche blogs, if you enjoy writing. So get started niche blogging — it may grow into an entire career.

Niche Blogging – What Is It and How to Make Money With It?

If you don’t know if blogging is the right job for you I’ll make your decision easy by telling you the pros and cons of it. If you want to earn money passively, without investing much time, if you don’t want a boss, if you want to earn more and more as the time goes, then niche blogging is the right way to go. So that’s it for the pros ( at least for the most important ones) now let’s head over to the cons section: 0, zero, nothing, the lack of matter, non-existing. Okay maybe I’m overreacting it, but really, all you need is determination!

What is niche blogging?

The niche blog is a site where you write about a specific focused topic (the niche). This can be anything you would like to write about and I mean ANYTHING (except for gambling and adult content). You can make a blog about teeth whitening, cooking recipes, product reviews, anything that comes to your mind! There are less and more profitable niches, but don’t worry about that for now, just find something that you’re interested in and when you have found that topic go and build a blog upon it! The next question is, how? Now that’s why I’m here, to tell you the basics of building up your blog! But first read on so you’ll know the money making possibilities of blogging!

How is that good for money making?

Here comes the great part: you make a site about a thing you love then you’ll put ads on your site ( with Google’s AdSense). When visitors come to your site you have a chance that they will click on one of those ads. If that happens, Google gives you money, from a few cents to as much as a dollar. It may seem low, but it will add up if you get a lot of traffic flowing to your niche blog. The other method is to promote affiliate products on your blog related to your selected niche. If someone on your site buys that particular product, you receive a commission! This can go up to 15% of the product’s price and even more (up to 70%) if it’s a digital product (like an E-book). So I guess I don’t have to tell you what does that means when your blog is about electronics with high prices. Yes, it means a lot of money. You may wonder if that’s actually true and if so, can you make a living out of it? I could tell you that it is, but it’s better to make your own experiment. I’ll help you to get started, just check out my niche blogging how to series!

Niche Blogging – Master-Plan Your Own Blog In 3 Easy Steps

Everyone must be aware of the concept of niche blogging by now. As, there is enough literature available on niche blogging nowadays. In this article, however, you will find much more than a mere description about niche blogging. The guidelines and suggestion that I am going to share in this article, will surely pave way for more success and prestige in the field of niche blogging.

While managing the niche blogging enterprise, you ought to have a clear and focused perspective, as this secures you from getting diverted. Viewing every detail in a long-term perspective renders you much greater insight. These tiny factors matter a lot when taking niche blogging business seriously.

Formulating Your Master-Plan:

When it comes to this are of niche blogging, you have two ways of catering the concerns. The quality as well as the quantity of work that you are doing matters to a great extent. Although, these areas are not exclusively separate, yet there are various factors that make them stand distinguished from each other. So, lets analyze these individual factors that are to give a boost to the niche blogging business.

1. The Quantitative Methodology:

This methodology refers to creating more than one blog and then writing on each of them with periodic regularity. The aim of this technique is well obvious, that is to attract maximum traffic consistently and thereby, increasing the probability of getting clicks on the ads.

This methodology is usually preferred for the blogs that are exclusively for the purpose of AdSense business. They accumulate the content from various search engines, e.g. Google. Well, we are not advocating such blogs explicitly, as these blogs are automated and they do not always generate the desired profits.

As we are concerned with the niche blogging, our prime concern is to gain maximum traffic regularly. This happens as we develop the keywords appropriately. Also, you have to stay regular in updating the blogs, as the main aim is to abreast of financial gains. Another thing that you can utilize in your benefit is the submission of articles to several directories. This can get you maximum back-links and possibility of Pay Per click affiliate marketing.

Through adopting this methodology, you will be able to enjoy less straining work as there is not much emphasis on the networking. However, you may also face difficulty to manage all the work and initially it may seem draining to you. But with practice and diligence, you can optimize it much more.

2. The Qualitative Methodology:

As the name suggests the Qualitative method primarily focus on the quality of content. In this you can simply create one or two blogs at one time and then you ought to work with full dedication and diligence. Here, you are basically promoting the brand and building up the reputation of your company. Through this way, your customers must gain the impression that you hold the command in the particular sector with which your company is concerned.

Apart from this the other means and goals of promoting the business is the same as is in the Brute Force method. In flagship method, you are focusing upon the traffic, clicks per advertisement, consistency and obviously regularity in traffic. Here the affiliate marketing strategy is a little different and they focus a lot on posting the links of your blog onto other famous blogs and site.

One of the biggest advantages that you can gain from this method is the ability of expanding the branch. However, this methodology is much more challenging than any other method, because the energy level that is required here is a lot higher. The reason for this extra required effort is the fact that here you are not only promoting your own products but you also have to interact with the consumer community.

3. The Hybrid Methodology:

Most of the times you will come to know that using one of the above methods may not seem enough. In such cases you can always make a blend or hybrid of the above listed methods, thus utilizing both strategies in your own benefit and making the maximum out of them. You need to be conscious about the quality of the blog and the content as well as the quantity and worth of content that you are uploading on that blog.

This aggregated methodology that has been formulated by the combination of previous two, is called as the Right Niche Blogging. Over here, you need to simply think out what can work for you. If 4 or 7 blogs are not working for you and stressing you a lot, may be you ought to cut down on the number of blogs you are operating. So, before you take a plunge into anything, the best strategy is to chalk out the things that you desire most and that fulfills your requirements.

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