Rich Niche Blogging: How to Make Easy Money Blogging In a Niche Market

Did you know that there’s a small fortune that online marketers can make writing blogs, especially when you focus on a particular niche market.

A blog is basically an online journal where you have complete control of the content. You can express your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and practically anything you want your target audience to read. In fact, blogs are an extremely powerful communication tool that is quickly surpassing newspapers, radio, and television.

I often get asked how does one find a niche market. One simple way to find a niche is to look at your competition. Assess what your competitors aren’t doing, or if they’re doing it, what aren’t they doing well. There are often times that large, generalist service providers can literally create a niche for you.

Want an example? Look at This internet-based matchmaking service is rapidly carving an identity for itself by targeting a very niche group of customers, individuals who are looking for a partner, but for whatever reason, have been rejected by the industry leader,

While there’s a great deal of debate about why eHarmony chooses to not allow certain individuals to participate in their matchmaking program, there’s no question that their actions have created a number of niche opportunities.

When you combine the power of blogging with sharing information with your niche market, you have the opportunity to take your expert identity as an industry expert to a whole new level.

Nonetheless, it all starts with knowing and understanding your niche market. The better you grasp what information they crave, the easier it will be for you to address these needs in your blog posts.

Let’s take another example. If you specialize in selling insurance, you want to dig deeper to find a niche market that is under-served, and thirsting for information. You might consider writing about the ins and outs of collision insurance for teenagers. This is probably a topic that not too many others are insurance brokers are blogging about.

When you start to share valuable information on the subject, it won’t take long for you to become known as an expert in this area. I guarantee that you’re unlikely to have much competition, and as such will easily find your way to one of the top positions in the search engines.

You might not necessarily make money from writing your blog, especially in the beginning. Nevertheless, blog like crazy about your subject so that you raise your ranking in the search engines before anyone else cottons on, and starts to copy you.

As your reputation as an expert grows in a particular area, you can develop products and services that people will often pay top dollar for. Why? Because they can’t get this type of information elsewhere, and you’re the expert. People like to buy from experts.

By targeting where the industry leaders fall short or choose not to act, savvy Nichepreneurs (someone who specializes in a niche market) can locate lucrative opportunities.

Niche blogging is incredibly powerful and potentially extremely lucrative.

How To Choose The Best ClickBank Health Niche Blog Posts

First of all there are a number of areas that I want to cover before we get to How To Choose The Best ClickBank Health Niche Blog Posts.

The reason for this is that you will need to understand these areas first before you even touch your computer keyboard otherwise you will simply be wasting your time. The areas I will cover include:

• Why you should be using a Blog to promote ClickBank products
• Other methods to promote your health product
• Why you should identify a niche market
• Factors to consider when choosing which health product to promote
• Top Tips for choosing the health product to Blog about
• How To Choose The Best ClickBank Health Niche Blog Posts

Why you should be using a Blog to promote ClickBank products

One of the best ways to promote your product is to build a blog or website to advertise your product. A blog is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your affiliate link as you are effectively creating a new website each time you blog which, if done correctly, will get people who are interested in your health product or service to buy your product.

Unlike paid traffic methods advertising on Google a blog is effectively free other than hosting charges and a good blog post will bring you traffic for years to come without you having to do much more at all to the blog other than the odd update.

There are many methods for setting up your blog including WordPress and Google Blogger.

The most important thing about your blogs is that they are relevant to the area of the health niche that you are promoting and that you get seen – in other words that you obtain a ranking on the top pages of Google.

Other ways to promote your health products

• Write a sales letter that accurately describes the product and what it can do for the buyer.
• Create a capture page (for email).
• Create a sales page for the product.
• Create a series of emails that offer info about the niche then promote the product to your email list.
• Find new ways to market your item. Post information about it in forums and on related websites

Why you should identify a niche market

In order to make money from ClickBank the first thing you need to do is identify a niche market. Try to market too general and you will basically be lost amidst the competitors.

The best example I can think of is that of a ‘Mom and Pop’ store which sells pretty much anything you can think of. If the store is in a small town in the middle of nowhere then the store will do OK. There will be little or no competition other than the nearest gas station so cost won’t be much of an issue, there will be no problem with anybody finding the store as it is the only one around and people will appreciate the fact that they can buy pretty much whatever they need.

If you now put that same store in the middle of a huge city and what is going to happen? Well first of all there will be huge stores nearby such as Costco, Walgreens, Target etc all of which will out sell and out price anything offered by our Mom and Pops store as there is now huge competition and even the convenience factor won’t help it as there will almost certainly be a 7-11 nearby.

You also won’t be able to find the store in a directory as there will be thousands of stores selling the same thing so our Mon and Pops store is now out-matched, out-priced and out of sight.

The only way that a store such as this can survive is to specialise – the narrower the specialisation the better and aim to be the best store that is available in that niche.

Let’s say that they specialised in samurai swords, there would more likely than not be little competition and in a city of millions there will always be enough people who are interested in Samurai Swords to keep the store in business.

Also, if those people looked up ‘Samarai Sword specialists’ in a business directory the chances are there will be little or no competition for our Mom and Pop store so the business there is out there will head straight to our store.

Now on the internet there are billions of customers so the need to go niche is even greater. You are not Amazon or eBay so don’t try to compete with them, instead specialise – the more niche the better.

The health niche is a great specialisation to go for as there is a lot of interest in this area and a lot of money to be made but you need to specialise within this niche even further and your blog posts need to reflects this specialisation.

Factors to consider when choosing which health product to promote

Choose a product with a High Gravity Rating

The ClickBank gravity rating is based on the number of different affiliates that have made a sale during the week. A high gravity rating means that lots of affiliates are making sales and, in general, this means that the product is in hot demand and has a good chance of being profitable for you.

Choose a product with a High Sale Price

Very simply, the higher the sale price the more money you will make so providing the gravity is good it is better to sell higher priced items.

Choose Products that pay high commission

Choose products paying at least 60% commission It isn’t worth the time and effort to promote a product unless your commission is at least 60% for lower ticket items of say around $30-$70; abiding by this rule means that you earn a minimum of $18 per sale. There are dozens of products in ClickBank that pay out 60% or more – the very best often pay out 75%. Only accept less than 60% commission if the selling price is above $70 and the gravity is good.

The only exception is for items that include Recurring billing. These are subscription-based ClickBank products often enable you to continue earning a commission every time the customer pays their subscription. In this case, you can lower your commission to 40%.

Check out the sales page

A lower gravity product is not necessarily unprofitable and new products in particular may well be very profitable and of course the competition will be less as fewer people will be selling the same product. Ways to find newer products which may sell well include clicking through to the sales page and checking for lengthy sales copy as this will convert much better than short copy.

You can then compare the copy with competing products. Is it convincing? If competitors have better looking and better-sounding sales copy, then the product probably won’t sell well. Equally if you can find a new high cost product that has a detailed and well written sales page which is on a par with or superior to comparable products which have sold well in the past and provides an excellent commission percentage this may well be a great product to sell.

Search your product on the Internet

Check for Internet searches on the primary search term for your product in the form of lots of PPC ads.

You can take this as a sign that there is money to be made in the market. A highly profitable product should reveal dozens of PPC ads which is a sign of a healthy market.

On the other hand, if a search brings up only a handful of ads and only one of these appears to be an affiliate. This suggests that the market is either undiscovered, or unprofitable – and the likelihood is it will be the latter!

Top Tips for choosing the health product to Blog about

Promote high quality health products that you would personally enjoy and buy. If you personally like the products, you will find it easier to sell them. You will also share a similar understanding and passion of other potential customers. It adds to your credibility.

Review the tools and tips that the product owners offer on the Affiliates descriptions of their programs web page. Many offer helpful advice on how to best promote their product, and also banners and marketing collateral that you could use.

Test the affiliate links (Hoplinks) periodically to make sure that they are still working correctly. If something is wrong, you won’t be making any money.

Check out your competition. Are there other affiliates who are already promoting these products. How are they doing it?

Read their sales copy, and ask yourself whether it’s convincing, true, and believable. Copy what you think works and leave out what does not.

How to choose the best ClickBank health niche blog posts

OK so I am now going to go through the process of choosing one of the best possible ClickBank Health Niche Blog Posts using the information given so far.

So first of all let’s choose a good product; I am going to choose one that provides a cure for Hemorrhoids.

OK not a very sexy product but great gravity and commission and the fact that it Pays Up To $417.85 Per Sign Up is very sexy!

Now you will need to find a list of keywords which are the best words to promote people to the page.

As far as I am concerned you absolutely need to be using a Keyword Tool in order to make the next step in the process work; I use Jaaxy but you can choose any of the tools out there.

Let’s take what should be a great keyword which is ‘Cure for Hemorrhoids.’

Jaaxy shows us the average amount of traffic that each word receives per month, the number of visits you can expect to receive each month to your website assuming you obtain a page 1 ranking on Google, the number of competing websites for your Keyword and a Keyword score out 100 showing how good the Keyword is.

‘Cure for Hemorrhoids’ has only an average score mainly due to the fact that there is so much competition for this word and you would be better off writing blog post entitled ‘Cure for Hemorrhoids Naturally’ as this has much less competition and although the page views are less you are much more likely to achieve them using this Keyword.

Therefore, for this ClickBank health niche I blog post I would suggest a title such as ‘How To Find A Cure For Hemorrhoids Naturally’ and then either research the article myself or pay someone $5 on Fiverr to write it.

So not only have we found a ClickBank product that works well in our niche but we have found an article with high scoring keywords which will be highly likely to rank on page 1 of Google and will bring around 72 targeted visitors to your blog per month all highly likely to click on your affiliate link and buy your product.

All you need to do now is replicate this in your own healthcare niche and crush it on ClickBank!

Niche Blogging – Drawbacks to Consider

Niche blogging is a very effective way to make money online, and let’s face it, we are all looking for ways to supplement our earnings with online activities.

Niche Blogging is a way to be highly focused on a specific niche. But, if you want to make money online from niche blogging, then you have to recognize that there are some drawbacks to using niche blogs.

Here are some drawbacks that you should consider:-

Niches have smaller audiences
Because this is a ‘niche’, by, it’s very definition, it will have a quite small audience, and this will probably mean much smaller numbers of visitors to your niche site.

It can take more time to gain traffic and momentum
Because you are targeting a smaller number of people, then the number of searches for your target keywords may be lower, and it may take more time to generate sufficient search volume and visitors to your site.

Creating new content might not be so easy
If the niche is very small, there be a limited amount of content which can be used to fulfill the needs of the niche.

Monetizing your niche might be more difficult
If your niche is too small, then it might be difficult to locate suitable affiliate products which you can promote to your visitors. Many product owners might not cater for smaller niches, so you may struggle to keep providing products for your niche. Sometimes though, you might be able to use more general offers within your niche.

Finding relevant backlinks might be difficult
There may not be many other places where you can get backlinks for your niche website that are relevant to your niche. Relevant themed backlinks are more valuable than general backlinks, so that is what you need to search for.

Although there are drawbacks to niche blogs, most of these can be overcome and you could be able to completely dominate the niche with very little effort. If you take the time to fully understand these drawbacks, you can actually turn them to your advantage and profit from them.

Try to look for ways to eliminate, or counter, some of the drawbacks and you should be able to create a successful online business using niche blogs.

What Is A Niche Blog – Elaborating The Main Concept Of A Niche Blog


Niche blog is a professional or non-professional, purpose-oriented blog, specified for a niche market or a particular target audience.

Basic Theme: A niche blog is the one in which a particular topic is narrowed-down into a particular category. That category can further be narrowed-down according to the choice of owner. For example; a documentary blog which contains documentaries on the topic of animals only, is a niche blog. The classification would remain the same if it is further categorized into pets, wild animals etc.

Elaborating The Definition

Professional or non-professional: Such blogs are owned by a professional company or organization, or by an individual. The individual can also be a professional blogger or a newcomer to the internet planet.

Purpose-oriented: Purpose-orientation is essential and the purpose is decided by the blogger before starting off the blog. The purpose can vary according to the need and mood of the blogger. The majority of people own these for the sake of finance generation. However, some people also own it for satisfying their craze or craving for a particular topic, or simply as a side business. For the sake of business purpose, business tactics are used like ad placements, SEO.

Specified for a niche market or target audience: A niche market is the number of groups or people in the internet world, which can be attracted or be interested in the niche blog. For example; a niche blog based on the theme of the specifications of the upcoming mobile technology attracts mobile technology engineers. The target market is decided before starting this business, so that it can be compared with the possibility of achieving the success of the purpose.


The classification is done with respect to the purpose. Here are the few main types:

1. Business-Oriented

It is made with the purpose of finance generation and profit earning. This blog is designed and conducted according to the tactics of a general business blog. For this type, a thorough study is necessary, or it is highly recommended to take services from a professional. Utilization of business tactics; social networking promotion, target market interaction, comments generation etc. are used.

2. Interest-Oriented

It is made for satisfying the personal interest cravings. In it, the production and operation patterns are not conducted with the help of business tactics. The success of is analyzed by the number of visitors or comments, if the purpose is to share the interest with the related people. If the purpose is simply to develop a forum stuffed with personal interest, then the success is checked by the number of posts and frequency of use by the owner.

3. Website Niche Blog

It is the one which has a ‘dot-com’ link, and is meant for the purpose of profit earning. This blog is different from the business niche blog as the use of business tactics here include; use of keywords, ad placements, SEO, Google analytics etc. The success is analyzed by the Google positioning and placement.

Status In Online World

Niche blog is a concept originated just a few years ago. However, it was heavily taken in the online market, as people gained a specific platform for satisfying their interest, or getting information on a particular topic. For the bloggers, it emerged as a unique platform of interest satisfaction and finance generation both. It is generally adopted as an individual business. Thousands of niche blogs are operational on Google these days; including themes like technology, animals, education, movies, drama etc.

Influence on an Individual’s Life:

· Suitable to be adopted by a starter, and will gradually polish him as an expert blogger.

· Develops a community sharing a single interest.

· Contextual advertising is more favorable in its advertising, than the ordinary one, which in turn generates larger sum of profit.

· Provides a bigger platform for innovation and creativity. The choice remains in the owner’s hands.

· Management-friendly.

Comparing A Niche Blog With A General Blog

Since the audience is specific, therefore, it has greater chances of being searched on search engines than the ordinary blog. It is more powerful in attracting, interacting and gripping the audience.

As aforementioned, the contextual advertising is more favorable here than the ordinary one, as chances of ‘being clicked’ increase in a niche blog contextual advertising.

It is more convenient to manage, as the bundles of excessive content are not present in it. Specifications of a niche blog enables the management to be kept in one hand only.

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