Niche Blogging – What is It?

The discipline of blogging has really taken off in the recent times. Now, everyone and their cousin has a blog. With so much clutter, how do you stand out from the crowd? Well, Niche Blogging is the answer.

So, what exactly is niche blogging?

To understand niche blogging, let us understand a ‘Niche” first. A niche can be defined as a field of interest and expertise, suited to a particular person or a group of persons. Therefore, Niche Blogging is running a blog, which caters to the interests of a focused group. This focused group looks for specialized information and knowledge, and is served by the niche blog.

How to identify a “Niche Blog”:

You can identify a niche blog by identifying the following characteristics:

1) The niche blog is primarily centers on a particular, narrowly focused theme ot topic.
2) The content of the niche blog is such that it cannot be found anywhere else. In other words, it is unique content.
3) The target audience of the niche blog is focused. It caters to the interest of a select group who are looking for more information on a topic.
4) The topic of the blog is such that it commands an appreciable amount of traffic on the various search engines. People are actively looking for the specific information regarding that topic.

Popular Niches for Blogging:

The whole buzz around blogging has really got a momentum since people have successfully started earning money using blogs. Although the successful blogs are few and far between, yet they have a common characteristic – they are focused in their topics, that is, they are niche blogs. Some of the most popular niches are:

– Making / Saving money
– Photography
– Politics
– Sports
– Gadgets
– Career
– Business
– Writing and Blogging

The above list is only an indicative one. For better success, it is advisable to specialize further. In other words, you should choose a “sub-niche”. For example, photography is a very wide niche. You could choose a specific area of photography, for example, nature photography.